About Us

Neelkanth Drugs Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading pharmaceutical distribution company in North India. It is an accredited ISO 9001:2008 certificated since 2007 (vide Acc. N. S31112041IN) also SME2 in CRISIL rating.

It has fully computerized network for direct distribution to chemist, dispensaries and hospitals along with dedicated sales management team to ensure the best services for our clients.

The management of the company is keen to make available all the pharma, vaccines, surgical, generics and wellness products under one roof to cater the maximum number of pharmacies through its distribution network spread across north India.

Neelkanth Drugs Pvt. Ltd. is also sole vendor to all Apollo pharmacies in north India.

Neelkanth Drugs Pvt. Ltd. envisions a transformation itself from a traditional pharmaceutical distributor to a fully functional pharmaceutical services provider. It incorporates technological information solutions to imbibe latest pharmacy automation practices in to operations. The company is also using more collaborative distribution models with the help of external networks (comprising third party services) to enhance its delivery and distribution mechanism

The company, with deepest range of experience in healthcare, supplies over-the-counter, generic and branded drugs such as capsules, tablets, gels, soft gel, vaccines, ointments, creams, liquids.